I diligently left work to get to the Harbour Air terminal at the Vancouver waterfront way ahead of time ... yet I never made it to the DevOps Victoria meetup.

But what happened?

After 7 hours I was back to square one :(

12:30 I left the office in Richmond.

13:15 I was downtown at the Harbour Air terminal for the 14:30 flight. At 14:25 the dreaded announcement was made "all flights cancelled due to weather".

Harbour Air, Vancouver Waterfront

14:05 I was over at the HeliJet terminal, confirmed on the 17:45 flight and on the waiting list for earlier flights. By 18:00 it was evident that the day from hell would continue. "Flight 17:45 has been diverted to YVR due to bad weather, please hop on the shuttle".

We eventually arrived at YVR - after 7 hours I was actually back within walking distance of work. 19:27 we finally took off in the HeliJet.

But, there is more ...

Even the last leg was flawed

Half-way to Victoria Harbour the pilot broke the silence, during a stormy and turbulent adventure. "We're sorry to announce that we have lost GPS on our aircraft. We can either return to YVR or land at Victoria International airport." The pilot opted for the latter.

At 20:49 we eventually landed at Victoria International airport.

Unfortunately I obviously missed the DevOps Victoria meetup -  Poking the DevOps Hornets nest, in 2019 starting with a DevOps Manifesto :( A special thanks to my colleague Brent Reed, agent 77, for hosting and salvaging the meetup in my absence.

I was fortunately picked up by my son and we enjoyed dinner and a white IPA beer. It was the highlight of my day :)


  • Do not rely on seaplanes in winter.
  • Do not rely on HeliJet on days with severe weather - rain, strong winds, and whatever else mother nature throws at us.
  • Do not stress over things that are outside your control - it's simply not worth it!