Brief blogging history

Unfortunately my early Team Foundation Server (TFS) and saArchitect community posts were lost when the associated blog was discontinued over a decade ago. What no backup?!?

A few milestones:

  1. 30th January 2009 I started blogging on
  2. 7th July 2015 we started the ALM | DevOps team blog allowing me to separate community and personal posts.
  3. 1st June 2018 was the start of my 2-month sabbatical and a complete social media blackout. After 1,391 posts it was also the end of my
  4. 8th August 2018 I started experimenting with this new blog. I'm planning to focus on personal, DevOps, LaunchDarkly, WhiteSource, VSTS, and other interesting topics.

Who am I?

I was born in Basel Switzerland, grew up in Johannesburg South-Africa and currently reside in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Personal journey
I stumbled into Assembler and Fortan programming during my Electrical Engineering studies in the early 1980’s. They triggered my passion for software engineering.

My personal interests include scuba diving, aviation, science fiction, cycling, watching sunsets, and most importantly my family. I am blessed with 3 sons (Thorsten, Jacques, and Alexander) and an awesome wife (Carola).
Personal interests