The ALM | DevOps Rangers introduced the basics of Value Stream Mapping, a lean management method that identifies and visualizes production events.

As stated by Hamid Shahid, the community was looking for ways to improve from a “come with goods most of the time” delivery model, to one that continuously delivers value.

I had a unique opportunity to be at the heart of the discussions around the process, inefficiencies, and ways to reduce waste. The outcome was a rather scary value stream map, as covered in Value Stream Mapping for ALM Ranger’s VSTS Extensions Work Stream.

ALM | DevOps Ranger Azure DevOps (VSTS) Extension Value Stream

I was excited, because we found a platter of inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential improvements that would allow us to reduce waste, fine tune our pipelines, and then delight the users of our guidance and tooling continuously. However, excitement turned to frustration as I watched the team’s energy and hours of productive discussions fade. A common pitfall of value stream mapping appeared. We mapped our value streams, but we did not manage them.

When Wesley Coelho, from Tasktop, mentioned that they were working on a book that explored a Flow Framework™ for value stream management, I was both intrigued and excited. When I received an unedited manuscript of the PROJECT TO PRODUCT  book, authored by Mik Kersten, I parked all other reading material.

PROJECT TO PRODUCT book by Mik Kersten

The book is an infectious read, based on real-world experiences and realisations, and “offers a kernel of hope” for organisation embarking on a digital transformation.  Hopefully, it will even re-energise the Rangers quest to embrace their value streams.

In the next couple of posts, I will share my personal thoughts and align learnings with the ALM | DevOps Rangers, based on the three parts of Mik Kersten’s book – Flow Framework, Value Stream Metrics, and Value Stream Networks.

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