I'm a visual thinker. I drive my colleagues (and myself at times) crazy when I drag them to a whiteboard or a sheet of paper to draw a picture of their idea or issue.

In the DevOps Mindset Essentials repo I introduced a few articles, presentations, and posters covering the essentials for a DevOps mindset. It's not the right place for quick reference posters that are not associated with DevOps, so I created a new Quick Reference Posters repo with the source PowerPoint (PPTX) and PDF files for Azure, DevOps Mindset, and Microsoft Journey posters.  

I created the  Mirosoft journey posters when I prepared for the last DevConf ZA conference. They are only available in PDF format in my repo and you will have to ping Microsoft for the source PPTX files.

When I started to prepare for the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 exam, it was time to create a new quick reference poster to help me visualize key topics covered by the certification.

Key topics and service comparisons

If you are preparing for the Azure 70-535 exam or have completed it, your candid and actionable feedback is appreciated to ensure that we create valuable posters. I'm updating the willys/azure/revision1 branch on a (near) daily basis and will submit a pull request when done.

I have posters stuck to the bathroom mirror, shower, … am I going crazy?

What other quick reference posters would you find valuable?

Share your thoughts as a comment below or an issue on the public repo.