We have decided that it is time to “let the cat out of the bag”. After 88 combined years of working with a variety of small, medium, large, low- and high-performing organizations, and weeks of mind-numbing (in a positive way) and vibrant discussions, we agreed to combine our passion and experience in a new book.

We want to make DevOps interconnected, instrumented, and intelligent across the enterprise. Our journey is not about technology and products, which are volatile and well covered in other publications. Instead, our focus is on people and process, with an intent to poke the DevOps hornet’s nest.

Here is the gang of three authors and a phenomenal cartoonist, who is creating gob-smacking illustrations:

But … we need YOUR help!

We will send a special laptop sticker, t-shirt, and copy of the book, once available, to a few persons with the best and actionable feedback!

It is our hope that the book will serve as an inspiration and become an invaluable resource to anyone planning to embrace a DevOps mindset.