The community has spoken! Let's share the results from our quick polls we're using to poke the hornet's nest.

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Results dated 2019.03.09

Context Switching

How do you deal with continuous interruptions in an open-plan environment?

Other feedback includes "as is": Deal with it and move on, Backlog per task, Track work in a tool, Kanban, I have ADHD. My entire life is context switching,  I use ear plugs AND work from home frequently. Take a number when things get chaotic., and Add tasks to to-do list and return to my basic work process.

Sun-setting projects (and teams)

What happens when your team's project is done?

Other feedback includes "as is": With Azure DevOps it's never done and As I work with many clients, it really depends on how they are used to work. I seldom see the 4th option. The first 3 are quite common.

Automate or not

What is important to automate for a healthy DevOps environment?

What's the ideal team size

With a design to foster an environment of cross-functional generalization, continuous improvement, team work, purpose, autonomy, and effective collaboration?

Other feedback includes "as is": 3-7 and 5-7.

Poke the hornet's nest

Lastly, here are a few results from our poke the hornet's nest survey.

DevOps is ...

Other feedback includes "as is": Compatible with Agile, Scrum done well, and Lean, Kanbam strengths of understanding the whole, swarming & shortening feedback loops

What size of organizations do you think embrace a DevOps mindset the most?

Which size of organizations can embrace a DevOps mindset the easiest?

Which of these is the hardest challenge of a DevOps transformation?

Anything unexpected?