For our poke the DevOps hornet's nest book, we are creating a set of supporting quick pools and articles.

LAST UPDATE: 2019.02.15 WS - Add link to devops-small-medium-large-organizations


Here's the list, sorted alphabetically by polls:

Poke the hornet's nest Poke the hornet's nest
Team with a DevOps mindset blueprint
Analyzing the DNA of DevOps
Key differences in small, midsize, and large organizations
Context Switching Can collaboration and context switching coexist?
Sunsetting projects (and teams) Why don't we nurture our DevOps teams as professional sports teams do?
Automate or not Is automation really needed for a healthy DevOps environment?
What's the ideal team size


Results will be included soon. Here's an interim extract, dated 2018.12.24
Extract from the Project Sunset poll
Extract from Poke the DevOps Hornet's nest survey

We'll update the list and add links to results once we have been able to collect decent number of responses.

THANK YOU for helping us gather the facts from the real world :)