In this second chat of our new "poke the brain on a stick" series, I'm talking to my colleague and co-author Mathew Mathai. He's an independent project management professional with over 20 years of experience in a multi-cultural and multi-industry environment and the phenomenal scrum master mentoring our team.

Mathew Mathai
YouTube mp4

Topics we discussed:

  • Who is the non-IT Mathew?
  • What’s the goal of your PM4K book?
  • Has your better half read chapter 9?
  • Is Agile == DevOps or != DevOps?
  • How relevant is Waterfall today?
  • What’s your favourite food?

Links from the chat:

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The name of our char series is based on my colleague Charles K's quote from the 90's, that he would like to have our brains on a stick for projects. The intent of the series is to meet experts, explore questions that bubble up in the community, and introduce beautiful British Columbia in Canada.