Azure DevOps product group, and the Ranger community have moved their blogs to Azure DevOps Blog and ALM | DevOps Rangers. Please update your bookmarks.

The Azure DevOps product group and the ALM | DevOps Ranger community have moved their blogs, the Agents of Chaos have created a new home, and other interesting sites. Please update your bookmarks to the new and interesting channels.


Azure DevOps

DevOps, Git, and Agile updates from the team building Azure DevOps

ALM | DevOps Rangers

Provide practical learning, guidance, experience, and open-source solutions for the ALM and DevOps community, by the community, with support from Azure DevOps.

Agents of Chaos

This site is set up to introduce themes for the agents upcoming book, presentations, and our meetups.  We share, collaborate, and poke the hornet’s nest on interesting Agile & DevOps subjects. 





Let me know if there is another site I should add to the above list!