Wow, it's already eleven articles in which we have shared insights into the mysterious DevOps mindset.

Updated: 2019.09.12

Here is the list from latest to oldest:

  1. 3 ways to handle transient faults for DevOps
    DevOps is about delighting our stakeholders with continuous business value, and how we manage transient faults is part of that.
  2. Why fear of failure is a silent DevOps virus
    In the context of software development, fail fast is innocuous to DevOps.
  3. One CI/CD pipeline per product to rule them all
    Is the idea of a unified continuous integration and delivery pipeline a pipe dream?
  4. Why hypothesis-driven development is key to DevOps
    A hypothesis-driven development mindset harvests the core value of feature flags: experimentation in production.
  5. 5 essential values for the DevOps mindset
    People and process take more time but are more important than any technology "silver bullet" in solving business problems.
  6. Breaking down walls between people, process, and products
    DevOps transformation success hinges on removing the barriers inherent in an organization.
  7. DevOps transformation: Key differences in small, midsize, and large organizations
    When embracing a DevOps mindset, does an organization's size matter?
  8. Blueprint for a team with a DevOps mindset
    Culture is the greatest challenge when embarking on a DevOps transformation.
  9. Analyzing the DNA of DevOps
    How have waterfall, agile, and other development frameworks shaped the evolution of DevOps? Here's what we discovered.
  10. Visualizing a DevOps mindset
    Use this graphical analysis to help develop a DevOps strategy for your organization.
  11. What's the cost of feature flags?
    Here's what you need to know about managing feature flags in a progressive exposure environment.

What's Next? I'm going to work on an article that's concerned with "handling transient faults to improve resilience and service quality" and then re-focus on our agents of chaos book.