Willy-Peter started his IT career in the early 1980s during his electrical engineering studies, focusing on the BTOS/CTOS operating systems until he moved over primarily to Microsoft technologies in the early ‘90s. Since then, his passion has been to investigate, research, and evangelize technology and best practices, striving for simplicity and maintainability in software engineering. Apart from sharing technology and transformation learning in tweets, blogs, and books such as .NET Enterprise Solutions - Best Practices, .NET Enterprise Solutions - Interoperability for the Connoisseur, Software Engineers on their way to Pluto, and Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft VSO, his varied and extreme interests include scuba diving, cycling, science fiction, astronomy, and most importantly his family. He dedicates this book to his wife, Carola, and his sons, Alexander, Jacques, and Thorsten, who have encouraged, supported, and tolerated him through decades of information technology adventures.

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